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Refining my kitten drawing

When I enlarged my kitten drawing, I needed to expand it, add some more details, and refine it. I do this on tracing paper so I can make an image I can use for transferring. That means there is no shading, just a line drawing. If I need to indicate shading, I do that by drawing a dotted line instead of a solid one. Here, since I am working small, only 5 x 7 inches, I didn’t bother including any shading lines. Most likely, I will refine my kitten some more after I transfer my drawing to the Claybord.

I took a trip to Chapel Hill today and stopped for my mom’s current favorite cookies, Trader Joe’s Laceys Cookies, Dark Chocolate Almond. I ate some too, of course. I poked around in A Southern Season and Kitchenworks also, picking up heart-shaped spring form pans and cookie cutters, thinking about things I could make that I probably won’t get to making, sort of a baking daydream. I’m still toying with ideas for Valentine’s Day but not really coming up with anything so far. Still waiting for a heart-shaped burst of inspiration 🙂

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