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Three more festivals for this Saturday

Cleveland Strawberry Festival, Hug Me Slugs and Hug Me Sock Kittens, original art toys by Elizabeth RuffingMy toys were at the Cleveland Strawberry Festival in Clayton, NC this past Saturday. Here are some pictures of the Alley Cats and Angels booth. Thanks, Ashley and Laura, for spending their whole day there, and for organizing the event, and to everyone involved.

It was very crowded and busy when we came by. I got lost, and it took me a couple of hours to get there, being unfamiliar with the area, and getting the wrong street from my Internet map. NC is fond of naming two streets in the same area, the same thing, even when they are not connected. There are two Technology Drives in Clayton. I was way off! My parents came along, and my dad patiently asked about five people for directions before we happened across a lady who had just been there. Then we walked the whole length of the festival before finding the booth on our fourth pass through. I got lucky and found a security guard who had been by the booth earlier and remembered seeing it. I was glad when I finally found it and was able to get some pictures. It would have been terrible to go home without finding it!

Cleveland Strawberry Festival, Hug Me Slugs and Hug Me Sock Kittens, original art toys by Elizabeth RuffingThe rescue is going to take my toys along to this coming Saturday’s events too. They’ll have booths at three festivals, Peak Fest in Apex, Meet in the Street in Wake Forest, and Out Raleigh in Raleigh. Please come if you are in the area. They’ll all be on May 5, 2012.

Cleveland Strawberry Festival, catnip cigarsIn truth, I am nervous having the toys away from the house! I’m used to doing everything from home, and I fret that something will happen to them. This takes some adjusting.

Kitty playing with catnip cigarsAside from finding the booth, I was glad to get some more catnip cigars. The kitties love them, as you can see. Proceeds go to help the rescue.

Kitty playing with catnip cigarsHere’s Phoebe enjoying her nap in the sunshine after an active morning of playing.

Tabby cat taking a nap in the sun by Elizabeth RuffingToday I finished some more 7-inch Hug Me Slugs. I will be posting my new handmade stuffed animal toys inour Ruffing’s shop.

Hug Me Slugs, original art toys by Elizabeth RuffingI am still sewing through a pile of toys I have stuffed, but not yet detailed. I’d like to try something different soon, for variety. Doing the same task for hours can be productive, because I get used to what I’m doing, but it can get boring.

Light pink Hug Me Slug, original art toys by Elizabeth RuffingI feel encouraged when my workroom gets emptier. It feels good to get the toys finished and put away. For months, I’ve had a large number of toys all around me in there.

Red Hug Me Slug, original art toys by Elizabeth RuffingThere is slightly more breathing room now, but still plenty more to go.

Medium pink Hug Me Slug, original art toys by Elizabeth Ruffing

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Purple Hug Me Slug Wednesday and more kittens, including one named Wednesday

Purple fleece Hug Me Slug by Elizabeth RuffingI finished two new purple Hug Me Slugs this afternoon. One is purple with a soft yellow heart,

Dark purple fleece Hug Me Slug by Elizabeth Ruffing, with purple ageratumand the other is dark purple with a light turquoise heart. Both are made of fleece. I am continuing on my mission to keep adding art toys to our shop. I will be posting my new handmade stuffed animal toys in our Ruffing’s shop.

Gomez by Elizabeth Ruffing, adoptable kitten, Alley Cats and Angels of NC rescueI took a field trip to Marie’s house this weekend to take some photos of her foster kittens. Marie trapped and rescued these babies. These are the Addams Family kittens, Gomez,

Pugsley by Elizabeth Ruffing, adoptable kitten, Alley Cats and Angels of NC rescuePugsley,

Wednesday by Elizabeth Ruffing, adoptable kitten, Alley Cats and Angels of NC rescueWednesday,

Morticia by Elizabeth Ruffing, adoptable kitten, Alley Cats and Angels of NC rescueand Morticia.

Gomez by Elizabeth Ruffing, adoptable kitten, Alley Cats and Angels of NC rescueGomez is looking particularly angelic here. All four are super friendly and playful, and obviously, very cute.

Neteri by Elizabeth Ruffing, adoptable kitten, Alley Cats and Angels of NC rescueThe rescue, Alley Cats and Angels of NC, also took in this beautiful tabby kitten. She was found in a feral colony, as were all of the kittens in this blog post, but she had a congenital deformity in her back leg, which needed to be amputated. This hasn’t seemed to phase her. She is happy and sweet. You would never know she came from a feral colony.

Siren by Elizabeth Ruffing, adoptable kitten, Alley Cats and Angels of NC rescueSiren is a special-needs kitten, in that she has Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH), which also happened before birth. She is healthy and loving and adorable. She just has some tremors which make her unsteady. She is still able to climb in your lap though, which she loves to do. She needs a home that doesn’t have any big cat trees like we have here, or anything too high to climb on, to make sure she doesn’t fall. Otherwise, she should have a normal life like any other cat, with the same life expectancy. I have photos of her brother, Sasquatch to edit. He is amazingly cute too.

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Still organizing the past, hoping to catch up soon

Crybaby, Original One-of-a-kind Tabby Kitten Art Doll Figurine by Max BaileyI’ve been very busy trying to get our Ruffing’s site organized for a relaunch. I still have a whole lot of work to do. I think it took me six months to build the site in the first place, and it’s grown since then. I’m going through and sprucing up what I can for now. Once I make the switch to using WordPress for the site, the navigation will be a bit “mixed” for a while, with some pages leading to older pages, until I can get all the links updated. I hope to start that transition in early September. Crybaby, above, by Max Bailey, is one of our already adopted dolls who got her photos spruced up and resized today.

Hug Me! Sock Kitten by Elizabeth Ruffing and a Kitty HelperI have some sock kittens I was working on, but I’ve put them aside for the past week or so to concentrate on the web site. I turned my back just for a minute, before taking this photo, and a very real-looking sock kitten showed up to snuggle with this pink-striped one. My kittens must be very convincing. I hope to get back to more sewing soon!

Apple Store One-to-one SessionI’ve also put my Apple One to One sessions on hold this week, so I can hurry my web site extravaganza along. The photo above was from my last class. I brought my camera along so they could give me some photography tips. I have homework! Needless to say, I haven’t had time to do it yet. Once I have a little more time to take some photos, I’ll explore my camera’s manual settings some more. That is something I never learned, and really need to.

CatI picked up Margaret Atwood’s Cat’s Eye at the library, weeks ago, hoping to get a chance to read more of it than I have. I was inspired to pick it up after taking one of those Facebook quizzes where I was told my writing style was more like hers than Stephen King’s, but only by a little.

Well, I admit I need a computer break right now. Have a great weekend!

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Happy Easter to you!

Happy Easter! I woke up very early this morning, and couldn’t get back to sleep. Rather than flop hopelessly from one side and then to the other for another hour, I decided, since I’d never gone to the Sunrise Easter Service at the North Carolina State Capitol before, that it would be a good time to go.

I made it there just before the sun came up over the horizon. The weirdest thing happened just as I was approaching the Capitol. When I’m driving in low light, I always fret that animals will cross my path. So, I jumped when I saw a low-flying dove come flying out right in front of my car. I just missed it, but it was grazed, at least, by the car next to me. I went back, and couldn’t find it. It must have just been stunned, and then recovered. I hope it was okay, but I thought, that is the strangest thing to happen on an Easter morning, and to a dove of all birds.

I parked in the church lot, which was mostly empty, and walked to the Capitol. I just listened for a while, and then I took out my camera. Cameras are funny. People change when they see them. One man waved at me, and another just kept smiling and smiling. I guess he wanted to make sure he was smiling in case I took a photo? A young couple stopped me and asked me if I could take their picture with their camera too. I tried to get a couple of good shots for them.

The news teams were there, and some press photographers. One man was sitting in the grass, with his dog. Church where you can sit on the grass with your dog sounds appealing to me. I don’t have a dog, but I bet I could easily find one or two who would enjoy such a thing.

After the service, I walked around for a while. One of the cool things about going out when other people are “in”, is that you can stand right in the middle of the street. You can’t do that in Raleigh most of the time. And, of course, the other cool thing is watching the sun come up.

When I got back to the church parking lot, there were some homeless people just getting up. One was still asleep on the steps, and another asked me if I had enough money for a bagel. I hope he got himself one. And then, there was this lady, sitting barefoot, on a bench out front, with two kids, a teenaged girl next to her, and a young boy who was exploring. She’d taken off her silver or golden shoes, and was playing a flute of some kind. She was facing the sun, as it was coming up, and seemed to be playing directly to the sun, like she was paying a tribute. She was very absorbed in her song, and didn’t seem to mind, or maybe even notice, me taking photos of her. Then, I got in my car and headed back home, glad to have a nice, comfortable one to go to. When I returned, everyone was just getting up. Had I not left a note, no one might have known I’d even been gone. I went back to work, at our beautiful new computer, and felt stupid for all the things I was chewing on earlier, while I was tossing and turning. We’re doing just fine.

I did some photo editing. We’ve got a new little bunny that I just put up on her own web page. Her name is Tulip. You can read Tulip the Dutch Bunny’s cute story here. I think I’m going to take the plunge and switch to WordPress very soon. So, our blogs may be on our home pages, at and the next time you visit. If that doesn’t work, there will be a note there instead! Check our Ruffing’s Facebook page too. I’ve been updating that with any new items. Enjoy your Easter and your weekend! I’m hungry from getting up so early! Got to go get some lunch…