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Cats without clothes

Well, Heidi, the tabby cat folk art doll, does have clothes, as you’ve already seen. Loretta, the Siamese is still in need. These are the first two folk art cat doll collaborations between myself and Max Bailey. We did a sunflower fairy way back when. That was our first joint art doll venture, aside from the trading of tips, and my sculpting lessons. We have a bunny and a Maine Coon cat in the works next.

Max gave Loretta and Heidi amazing painted eyes.

I knitted Loretta a sweater and planned to sew a skirt to match. I adapted a Fuzzy Mitten knitting pattern, and it came out really cute. I’m learning as I go with the knitting and crocheting. So, I guess I shouldn’t be too upset that my sweater came out to be too large! I thought I had it right, but it was too bulky for poor Loretta, who looked like she was swimming in it. It wasn’t a happy moment 🙁

But…I did manage to knit a sweater. I’d only ever made a scarf before. It does fit a larger doll I never finished. I have a small pile of those. Sometimes I want to make all the things I started and am not sure how to finish disappear, because I hate to let anything go to waste and the clutter starts to annoy me. There are times when you just have to move on though, or you spend more time, get more frustrated, and never end up with something you are satisfied with.

I am rethinking Loretta’s outfit now. I’m not even sure of my fabric choice anymore, since the sweater isn’t involved. Could it be an excuse to visit a quilting shop? Maybe it’s better not to add to the clutter!

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