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Linking mania, stuffing, and pondering Valentine’s ideas

So, you may have noticed my linking binge on the sidebar of my blog. I think I need to be stopped. It’s getting out of control! I’m not sure how many pages or social networking sites a person needs these days. Feel free to say hi anywhere you find me, but this site, or our main Ruffing’s site, is still the best place to find me. I apologize if I’m slow, or worse, on MySpace. I can never seem to navigate that site, or I just don’t have the patience for it, or all the flashing, glittering things associated with it. I should be stepping away from the computer more often anyway, before it somehow reformats my brain!

Today I’ve been stuffing little cat doll parts, little paws, little tails. I poked my finger with the needle a bunch of times, before remembering to tape my fingertip with a double layer of sports tape. That really helps, much more stable than a thimble, at least for me.

I picked up the latest issue of Quilting Arts Magazine, and a spare journal. I never know when I’m going to need an extra journal to absorb my overflow of ideas. I hate running through one and not having a spare.

This issue of Quilting Arts Magazine has a cute heart art quilt tutorial, which I think would make a nice Valentine’s Day gift. I was thinking of a mini quilt, maybe mounted on a greeting card, or enclosed in a frame would be sweet.

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