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Heidi and Helga, original tabby cat folk art doll and painted goose, are now on our Ruffing’s site

Heidi and Helga’s web page can be seen by clicking here. I finally got their photos taken and edited and uploaded. Whew. In the spirit of “avian week” last week, I thought it would be fitting to get them up online.

I’ve got two more original, one-of-a-kind folk art cat dolls to get up online, and one waiting for some overalls.

We’re working on writing articles to submit to magazines, something we’ve been talking about doing for a long time, but not getting around to doing. Now is as good a time as any. My mom has now sprained her ankle, and is being a good sport by taking notes and jotting down ideas while she keeps her foot elevated. She is tired of being called “Poor Mom” and so I will refrain from saying that.

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