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Sixteen slugs and a sock hippo

I’m pretty proud of myself this week. I actually sewed up all sixteen of those toys I cut out and fused. It’s been too unpredictable outside to get some better photos, but here is my new batch of “Hug Me! Slugs”, all lining up for their school photos. Maybe tomorrow, kids.

I also made “Hilda the Hug Me! Hippo”, my sock hippopotamus. She’s quite a bit larger than the slugs I made this week. I keep picking her up and carrying her around. She just asks and asks. So, what can I do?

We watched a cute movie this weekend, Lost in Austen. For anyone who enjoys Jane Austen, it is a miniseries takeoff of the novel and a entertaining spin on the miniseries Pride and Prejudice. A modern woman finds a door in her bathroom that leads directly into the Bennets’ house, switches places with Elizabeth, and inadvertently disrupts the order of everything. They must have cut out this scene from the version we watched: