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I love hearing people’s toy stories

“Percy and Macy

Yesterday morning, I got this awesome email from that made my day:

Hey Elizabeth, Sam and Sophie opened their slugs yesterday. I think they arrived on Wednesday—just in case you keep track. They are Divine—-I know that’s a weird word, but they are truly DIVINE!! My husband and I are so amazed as to the way the children have taken to these little critters. In this world of technology, they are usually drawn to things that have batteries. I thought they would sleep with the Slugs, but I didn’t know they would play with them. I have to tell you about Sam and the Super Slug. He started throwing him into the air and he tells me that Percy can fly since he is a super slug and that was why he had shooting stars on his cape. I didn’t pay nearly enough attention to the fabric on the cape, but Sam did. He then told me that Percy uses his cape as parachute when he has to land. They are thrilled!! Thank you so much. I want to order more and am trying to find the time to sit down and shop—maybe my life is too complicated and there is a lesson to be learned from all of this “slug” business!! Have a great day. ~Glynis

Isn’t that the most wonderful thing? It is for me. Thanks so much, Glynis, for sending me such a thoughtful email. What a great story. (Those are Sam’s Super Slug and Sophie’s Hug Me! Slug above.)

I came into my workroom yesterday, and the sun was coming up, shining through my window and in between my slugs.

My new fleece was all stacked on my ironing board, waiting to be put away or put to use. I have some new colors, but I haven’t even gotten to listing them or photographing them. By the end of the day, there were even more slugs to be made.

In contrast, today is dark and rainy, which means my kitty assistant is hunkered down for some serious napping. His bed of choice for daytime napping is my new chair. Hm. One of us might have to find another chair. I’m thinking it might be me! I’ve tried the whole sharing thing, and he just ends up stomping onto my table or maneuvering his way onto my lap. Either way, my sewing coordination becomes impaired! He doesn’t understand this at all. He seems quite sure he is being helpful.

Fortunately, I have lots of hand sewing to do, which I might as well do in front of the TV instead. I’m not sure I feel like watching TV, but it sort of sounds less humiliating than accepting that I’ve been ousted from my workroom by my cat 🙂

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