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New Fleece Hug Me Kitten

Cream-colored Fleece Hug Me Kitten by Elizabeth Ruffing in dark pink azaleasI finished a new fleece Hug Me Kitten handmade stuffed animal cat. She (or he) is cream-colored with a magenta heart and cornflower blue eyes.

Josephine kittenShe bears a bit of resemblance to Josephine, and even had her funny smile.

Fleece Hug Me Kitten by Elizabeth RuffingShe has a tail that sticks straight out in back.

Fleece Hug Me Kitten by Elizabeth Ruffing, back viewI love the back view.

Fleece Hug Me Kitten Hang Tag by Elizabeth RuffingShe comes with a hang tag that can be personalized with a name or “For + a recipient’s name”. I plan to make more, in different colors. I will be posting my new handmade stuffed animal toys in our Ruffing’s shop.

Mama duck and ducklingsWe had a surprise yesterday. Mama duck left her nest and came to visit us in the pouring rain, with eleven ducklings! She greeted me with a big quack when I came outside. She is taking such good care of them.

Mama duck watches over ducklings while they restThey were tired from their long walk up the hill from the pond, and all piled together for nap while she watched over them.

Ducklings resting in a little pileBabies get tired. They stayed like this for a long time, foraged some more, and then made their way back to the pond.

Kitten sleeping on windowsillThis baby gets tired too. She’s discovered windowsills and loves napping in them when she is not busy helping me or running around with her friends. She came from a local cat rescue, and tomorrow, for Easter, I’m going to have a special Alley Cat Angel sock doll. The proceeds of this first angel will go to that rescue, and then I will made some more, with a portion of each sale going to a local cat rescue. So, I hope you’ll come back to see tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “New Fleece Hug Me Kitten

  1. The kitties are adorable! And those ducks are delightful!
    : )

  2. Thank you so much, Sarah! Aren’t the ducks just the sweetest? So cute.

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