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She made herself at home

Grandma and a Scotty dogHappy birthday to my grandma this month. She just turned ninety-six and is still doing well. On a sad note, about the same time as her birthday, we got news that my cousin, Steve, who has been battling peritoneal cancer for the past several months, is back in the hospital, and his cancer, which the doctors thought was gone, has returned, or had never entirely left. We are all hoping for the best, and hoping he can feel better. He is such a nice guy, and a great person, to be going through such an awful thing.

Kitten steals someone elseDuring this time, since I last wrote, I have also been kitten-sitting, for Frosty, who is now Josephine. She had another potential adoptive home lined up, far away, but that didn’t turn out to sound like the best option for her. She didn’t mind. She had already decided she wanted to stay here, and we all wanted her to stay too. So, it did work out, after all, and she has brought us some good cheer.

Kitten sleeps on a teddy bear, Beau Bear, Vogue patternShe has been trying out all the cat beds, and toys, and furniture, and has found it all to her liking. She was very shy, and liked to hide in small spaces, when she first arrived, but she has rapidly changed.

Kitten steals my chairShe is out and about now, participating in all we do around here, in between playing and napping.

Kitten steals a new bedI went out and bought new cat beds (actually these are dog beds from Petsmart) because Josephine kept taking everyone else’s, but she took a new one too, along with the new blankets that came with the beds.

Kitten steals pillows and blanketShe is a big fan of our kitty gym, and now sits up at the top of it. No more hiding for her.

Kitten on the kitty gymJosephine seems to be very happy, and is friendly to eveyone. I thought she needed a new name, since she isn’t “frosty” at all. I thought a more self-assured name would be fitting. I renamed her after Jo March of “Little Women” and Empress Josephine. I later read that Empress Josephine had somewhat embarrassing teeth, which made me smile, because kitten Josephine has funny teeth herself.

Kitten rolls in the sunshineI had tried out different names, saying them to her, and she seemed to like this one. She mewed back at me. I took that as a sign of approval.

Hug Me Toad by Elizabeth Ruffing, in a blog feature of stuffed toysIn art toys news, my Hug Me Toad was in this very cute blog feature from Harmonica Mama, and my toys continue to show up in treasuries on Etsy. Toys make me smile too. I enjoy making them, and I like that they brighten someone’s day.

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