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Blue skies are back again

Kitty cat sleeping with his head on the umbrella handle by Elizabeth RuffingWe were without power, most of the day yesterday, due to Irene, but we got so lucky in that there was no damage right where we are. The road crews must have been working all night, and our power came back on about 11pm. Thank you to everyone who is, and has been, out there working to help after the storm, and thank you to all the news crews who stayed on the air to keep us informed while we listened to our radio. A lot of people are without power, just half an hour away, and they may be out for days. There is a big run on generators at the local home improvement stores even today.

My kitty knew there was trouble outside, and he stayed close. Yesterday morning, I saw he was sleeping with his head on the umbrella handle. I thought that was so funny. I’m so glad we are all okay, and today is beautiful and sunny. We’ve been watching the news, and hoping for the best for everyone all along the coast. Hope you are all safe.

Turquoise fleece Hug Me Slug with a bright yellow heart by Elizabeth RuffingI finished up another turquoise fleece Hug Me Slug this afternoon. I will be posting my new handmade stuffed animal toys in our Ruffing’s shop.

Turquoise fleece Hug Me Slug with a bright yellow heart by Elizabeth RuffingI couldn’t see well enough to sew yesterday, with the heavy rain, the clouds, and no lights. I feel so happy to have running water, electricity, and clear skies today.

2 thoughts on “Blue skies are back again

  1. …So happy to hear you’re okay! :o)

    …Love the photo of your cat with the umbrella! Beautiful cat too!

    …Enjoy the rest o’ your Sunday!

    …Blessings :o)

  2. Thank you, tj! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday too!

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