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Bugs, slugs, and toads in progress

Rainbow of Hug Me Slugs and Bugs in progress, original art toys by Elizabeth RuffingI’m closing in the the sixty-five or so toys I had in all stages in my workroom. These have their features pinned on and ready to sew.

Hug Me Sock Toads in progress, original art toys by Elizabeth RuffingI’ve had some requests for more sock toads, and I’m working on some of those too. I got a lot done on these, while waiting at the dentist for my mom. I sat in the car stuffing them.

Lucy, Original One-of-a-kind Dollhouse-sized Tabby-and-white Kitten by Max BaileyWe have lots of cute kitten dolls up over on our Ruffing’s blog. They keep multiplying faster than I get them photographed and posted. I still have lots of photos to edit, and Max Bailey has five new kittens still to photograph. The kittens above are, from left to right, Brandy, Pepper, Catherine, Lucy, and Emily.

White duck with a mallard duck, photo by Elizabeth RuffingOur duck friend was all alone for a few months, after a loose dog killed the rest of the flock. She was all by herself on the pond, quacking loudly. We bring her cracked corn and she appears to appreciate the company as well as the corn. A couple of weeks ago, we showed up with our duck snacks, and found two ducks waiting. This handsome mallard must have heard her call. He’s very loyal to her, and they come visit us together. We are so happy she isn’t alone anymore, and hope they’ll be safe.

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