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Himalayan Cat Art Doll with a Pocket Kitten, part two, three, and four

Ruby the calico cat sniffs my mom’s Himalayan cat art doll in progress

My mom is painting again! She is making progress on her mama Himalayan cat art doll. I have been taking video of her painting, while trying not to get in the way. Our calico cats, Ruby and Emily, like to help.

First my mom painted her cat doll’s lace cuffs and collar. Then she painted her blouse a deep blue. She added some pale pink kitty “knickers” and then striped socks, in two shades of blue.

Himalayan cat art doll with pink bloomers and blue striped socks

Here is the video of her painting the lace cuffs:

This the video of my mom painting her blouse:

And the video of her painting her blue striped socks:

It takes a steady hand to paint those stripes with one hand, while holding her doll in the other hand.

I mailed off these two custom fleece Hug Me Slug stuffed animal art toys. They were made to celebrate an eleventh birthday and their recipient picked out the colors he wanted, including the colors for the eyes, which were custom printed on fleece. I hand stitched them on with a blanket stitch.

Light green and dark purple Hug Me Slug stuffed animal art toys by Elizabeth Ruffing

I’ve also been puttering around with vintage dolls and their clothing. My favorites are my Ideal Toni dolls, American Character Sweet Sue dolls, and Effanbee Honey dolls, from the 1940’s and 1950’s.

Vintage P-91 Ideal Toni doll in a pink cotton pinafore with cotton voile top

I’ve been washing their clothing and working on making sewing patterns for them. I’ve also been cleaning the dolls and need to restring some of them.

Vintage Toni doll clothing, air drying after hand washing

My goal is to make some handmade doll clothing to sell, along with sewing patterns for doll clothes.

My handmade bodice pattern from an original Toni doll dress

I added a doll from this century to my doll clothing models. I think she is my first doll from the 2000’s! She is a Ruby Red Fashion Friends doll named Sara, and she is very sweet. I even made an “unboxing video” because I always see those and thought it might be fun to record my reaction. Here is my unboxing video:

Ruby Red Fashion Friends Doll, Sara, Dianna Effner Sculpt, Unboxing and Review

I think she is quite charming and she has already made friends with Lila Lovebunny and Chelsea the Maine Coon cat.