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“Huggy Bunny” is stitched and stuffed. I did some hand quilting on his ears and at his arm and leg joints.

His little tail, and the edges of his clothes, and his pink parts are machine stitched with a zig zag over the raw edge appliqué.

I took a shot at doing a twisted chain hand embroidery stitch on the booties. I don’t think mine came out the way it was supposed to, but I liked it anyway. So, I kept going with it. I’ll have to try it the right way later. My book, Judith Baker Montano’s Elegant Stitches, arrived today, and it is very nice, with lots of pretty, inspirational pictures. I am still on the lookout for The Embroidery Stitch Bible by Betty Barnden, which I think has even more photos of the stitches. I need all the visual aids I can get.

Mister Bunny seems like an agreeable sort, cheerful, ready for anything. I think I will try raising the arms just a bit when I make his friend/sister/brother, and I think I’ll make a simpler outfit next time. This one is adorable, but it took such a long time to make. I’ll have to get him posted on Etsy so I can make the Etsy for Animals January challenge deadline. I was lucky to get him done and photographed before it starts raining again.

Later…Ah ha! I was looking through Elegant Stitches and I discovered that my mutated twisted chain stitch is really a coral stitch. I learned something after all!
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Embroidery Beginnings

I used a zig zag stitch to finish some of the raw edges on my “Huggy Bunny” doll, and then I put my newly acquired hoop to use and tried a couple of hand embroidery stitches. I chose a chain stitch for the mouth, and a satin stitch for the eyes, because they seemed simple and appropriate for the task of stitching the face. I only sewed the whole thing to my pants once. So, so far so good. I’m going to try something decorative as soon as my new-to-me book, Elegant Stitches: An Illustrated Stitch Guide and Source Book of Inspiration by Judith Baker Montano, arrives. I bought a copy on eBay last week.

I’ll try to get some close-up photos of how to do a chain stitch and a satin stitch, to post on this site, when it brightens up around here. It is finally raining, really raining. NC has had a very bad drought this year. So this is good news, just not good for photographing.

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“Did you photograph them yet?”

Yes. Yes, I did. LOL. I know it is kind of strange to make your family wait to eat their cookies while you photograph them, isn’t it? Contrary to popular opinion, it doesn’t take nearly as long as it seems to take.

These are sand tarts, from my mom’s relatively old edition of Joy of Cooking. The latest copyright in it is 1964. I have the newer All New All Purpose Joy of Cooking version, but I wanted to make the same cookies we had when I was little. It could have been a little easier…Those old recipes have you sifting and resifting and sifting this with that. I guess that’s why I couldn’t find the recipe in my new version. I also couldn’t find our “Little Drummer Boy” or snowman cookie cutters. So, the Christmas bunny and the Christmas elephant had to stand in for them. Never heard of them? Well, never mind 😉

I iced them with confectioner’s sugar mixed with milk and a couple drops of vanilla, then sprinkled them with colored sugar. Now, they are ready to be eaten 🙂