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The menagerie continues to grow

There are a lot of critters staring at me around here lately. I’m starting to feel a little self-conscious when I walk into my workroom. I’m glad they look friendly.

And they seem to get along with each other pretty well, at least while I’ve been around.

This is Hilda the hippopotamus’ new friend, “Barbara the Hug Me! Zebra”. Like Hilda, she has hand-embroidered features, and a removable, elastic-waist skirt made from quilting calico cotton.

Barbara also has a pretty cool yarn mohawk,

and a tuft of purple yarn at the end of her tail.

It’s been about 100 degrees here, during the daytime, and our injured duck friend has been staying on the water. He’s only come up the hill just this once, this evening, since we tried to help him before, and again, it’s too late to get to the vet 🙁 If we can get the timing right, hopefully we can catch the duck away from the pond during business hours, when we can catch the vet too. He does seem to be doing better, but I’m sure he’d feel much improved once that hook is out. Here’s hoping.

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