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Super Slugs and Super-sized Slugs

12 inch Super Slugs by Elizabeth RuffingAs promised, I have some toys to show for myself today. We went out into the heat and took some photos. These two 12 inch tall “Super Slugs” are over in my Etsy shop right now.

14 inch Hug Me! Slug by Elizabeth RuffingThis is the first time I’ve done a 14 inch “Hug Me! Slug”. He looks like he might be the real super slug here, but he’s already on his way to his new home. He’s a Father’s Day surprise for a dad who surprised his wife and son with their own personalized slugs. They wanted an even bigger one for him. He’s supposed to be “Dad sized”.

12 inch Super Slug by Elizabeth RuffingAs you can see, the 12 inch slugs look dainty compared to him.

9 inch Super Slug by Elizabeth RuffingI also sewed up a 9 inch tall “Super Slug”. He flew off a few days ago to help look after a new baby. These slugs keep busy.

Blue 12 inch Super Slug by Elizabeth RuffingI should have taken one of them to the Post Office with me today. I could have used some assistance. I got a flat tire. I thought I heard a funny flapping noise over the air conditioning, and just as I approached the shoulder-less road home, the noise got louder.

Blue 12 inch Super Slug by Elizabeth RuffingI didn’t really have a safe place to pull over, and so I drove the rest of the way home. Luckily, it wasn’t far. The tire is still on the car, because it is just too hot out there right now to touch it, but, hopefully, there’s no damage to the rim. That’s a project for tomorrow.

Bright light green 12 inch Super Slug by Elizabeth RuffingWe also photographed some of Max Bailey’s kitten figurines. I’ll get to work on editing those photos and putting up their web pages too. They’re very cute.

Bright light green 12 inch Super Slug by Elizabeth RuffingUp, up, and away!

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