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Slug fun facts for kids (or adults)

Plush Stuffed Animal Hug Me Slug by Elizabeth Ruffing, in assorted colorsI noticed in my Hug Me Slugs and Friends toy shop stats a couple of weeks ago that someone was searching for “Elizabeth Ruffing fun facts for kids”. I didn’t know if someone wanted to know about me, or about my stuffed toy slugs. To start, I decided I’d compile a list of fun facts about slugs in general and post them here.

Hug Me Slugs and Friends by Elizabeth Ruffing, banner with Hug Me Cats, Toad, and SlugBut first…I set up a new Facebook page for my toys. So, please come “like” Hug Me Slugs and Friends on Facebook. I’ll be posting new toys there at the same time I put them up for adoption. I’ve also decided to try posting my Hug Me Slugs on eBay from time to time. My user ID is hugmeslug! As always, you can find my toys at which is the address for my Etsy toy shop.

Now for some slug trivia!

Plush Stuffed Animal Hug Me Slug by Elizabeth Ruffing, in bright yellow and turquoise

Slug fun facts for kids and anyone else who is interested in slugs:

Sammy the Slug, a giant yellow banana slug, is the mascot for the University of California, Santa Cruz. He comes to their sports events and other functions too. Students yell, “Go Slugs!” and “Slime ‘em!” to support their teams.

The Banana Slug Song”, written by Kevin Beals and performed by the Bungee Jumpin’ Cows, is sung to the tune of “Twist and Shout” and goes like this:

You know I love my baby.
I like the way that she hugs.
People don’t understand,
She’s a banana slug.

She’s got just one foot,
But she ain’t got no toes.
She just hangs out in the forest,
Helpin’ it decompose.

That’s right, she’s a banana slug, Ba na na na na na na (repeat)

The way you shake your antenna,
Oh it gives me such bliss.
C’mon, c’mon, c’mon banana slug,
Well let me give you a kiss.

Oh when you slide through the forest,
You know you look so fine.
C’mon, c’mon, c’mon banana slug,
And let me feel your slime

Ba ba ba banana slug, Ba na na na na na na (repeat)

Now I’m broke up about my baby.
Found out she doesn’t need me.
She told me just the other night,
That she is also a he. Hermaphroditic she’s a…

Now some folks think that she’s gross,
But I don’t hear that jive,
‘Cause if it weren’t for my baby,
This forest might not survive.

Banana slug Ba na na na na na na (repeat)

There is another song called “Banana Slug” by the Banana Slug String Band on their “Dirt Made My Lunch” CD. You can listen to it on their website. It goes like this:

(Chorus) Banana slugs, banana slugs,
I like them, they’re beautiful.
Banana slugs, banana slugs,
They’re part of the circle.

Sticky as the peanut butter, shade of yellow,
Look like banana, but oh so mellow,
Good life givers, living on the ground,
Chewing on the leaves when they fall down.


On the side of their head there’s an breathing hole,
They have one foot but plenty of soul.
All day long they work and they toil,
Chewing on the leaves to renew the soil.


Well the slugs make the soil to grow the trees.
Trees make air for us to breathe.
They’re part of the circle that lets things grow.
So be kind to banana slugs and let things flow.


If you’re walking down the path and you see a slug.
You can bend down and hold it, you can give it a hug.
You can pick it up, it won’t bite or hiss.
You can show it that you love it, just give it a kiss.


Banana slugs, slugs, slugs, slugs, slugs, slugs, banana slugs!

Elizabeth holding a Plush Stuffed Animal Hug Me Slug by Elizabeth Ruffing, in daffodil yellow and cornflower blue
A flirtatious slug named Mub, along with his friend Grub, a snail, help save the day in the animated movie “Epic” by guarding the pod everyone needs to keep the forest alive. They keep it moist because they’re kind of slimy.

The movie “Monsters University” opens with a slug who is late for his first day of classes. He rushes as fast as he can go, which isn’t very fast, and arrives at the end of the year!

The cartoon “Slugterra” features a whole bunch of slugs, who magically transform into more powerful versions of themselves when they travel at 100 miles per hour. They participate in duels and give off a special energy that allows life to exist in Slugterra.

BabyTV has a sweet lavender and yellow slug-like character called “Tulli” who explores the world around her. Tulli is like a toddler and everything is new to her.

Judy Darley wrote two poems about slugs, including “Slugs Slither Slowly” and “Instructions On How To Kiss A Slug”, which goes like this:

Close your eyes, and hold your nose,
Pretend you’re just smelling a rose.
Purse your mouth, tight and round,
Bend down almost to the ground.
Ignore the slime, kiss him quick,
And don’t forget to wipe your lips!

Susan Pearson wrote a children’s book called Slugs in Love which was illustrated by Kevin O’Malley. It tells the story of Marylou, a shy slug who has a crush on Herbie and wants him to notice her. They leave messages for each other written with their slimly slug trails.

Seymore Slug Starts School is a children’s book by Carey Armstrong-Ellis. Seymore is the new slug in his town/compost heap and he is nervous about his first day at Slug School. He even has a Fairy Slugmother who tries to help him but doesn’t quite know what she is doing.

On May 28th some people celebrate a holiday created by Thomas and Ruth Roy called “The Slugs Return From Capistrano Day”.

A slug is a gastropod. Some kinds of slugs live on land, some in the sea, and some live in freshwater. Real-life slugs play an important role in the environment by helping with composting. They help turn decaying things into fertilizer so new plants will be able to grow in rich soil. I found more information about real-life slugs on this Fascinating Sluggy Facts blog post and on Wikipedia.

P.S. If anyone is looking for “fun facts” about me or my toys, leave a comment and let me know what you’d like to know! 🙂

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Handmade stuffed toy plush slugs, and Slugterra, a new show for slug enthusiasts

Hug Me Slugs handmade fleece stuffed animal banana slug art toys by Elizabeth Ruffing

Slugterra and orange fleece Hug Me Slugs, original stuffed animal art toy by Elizabeth RuffingI’ve been making lots of stuffed toy Hug Me Slugs lately! I realized today that I have been making stuffed animal slugs for almost half a decade now! Wow, that must mean I’ve made hundreds of plushie slugs.

Slugterra and multi-colored fleece Hug Me Slugs, original stuffed animal art toy by Elizabeth RuffingI’ll be adding more adoptable slugs to our Ruffing’s shop, in all different colors!

Slugterra and bright medium green fleece Hug Me Slugs, original stuffed animal art toy by Elizabeth RuffingThey are all made of fleece and are soft and cuddly. Each one comes with a hang tag, which can be personalized. Their adopters can pick out names for them, or I print “For + a name” on the tag, which comes tied to each slug with a ribbon. There is even room for a short message on the back of each tag.

Slugterra and my hang tag for my Hug Me Slugs, original stuffed animal art toy by Elizabeth Ruffing

I discovered there are some slug cousins and more slug enthusiasts out there. There is a new animated show on called Slugterra, with a bunch of cute slugs, in all different colors too. They look like a fun group of characters. The slugs on the show are very action-oriented. I’m sure they will have their own toy versions soon.

Here is a video of some of the Slugterra slugs.

I found myself wanting to set all the slugs free. I wanted to release them into a shady green garden with all kinds of good things to for them eat.

Slugterra and  assorted colored fleece Hug Me Slugs, original stuffed animal art toy by Elizabeth RuffingIn my fantasy slug-world, Hug Me Slugs live in a sanctuary full of fruits and vegetables that instantly regenerate whenever a slug takes a bite out of them.

Slugterra and red fleece Hug Me Slug with a mushroom, original stuffed animal art toy by Elizabeth Ruffing When they are not eating or playing, they loll around, with the sun shining through the forest leaves above, smiling contentedly, telling each other jokes and stories. They may even have burping contests. They do seem to eat a lot.

Slugterra and purple fleece Hug Me Slug, original stuffed animal art toy by Elizabeth Ruffing

I’m not affiliated in any way with the Slugterra show itself. I think my Hug Me Slugs and Bugs may be friends or relatives though. I’m sure they would enjoy playing together. Hug Me Slugs get along with pretty much everybody.They are peace-loving, gentle souls who are friends to everyone.

Slugterra and multicolored Hug Me Slugs, original stuffed animal art toys by Elizabeth RuffingPlease come visit our Ruffing’s shop to see my adoptable creatures. If you are on Facebook, please come “like” our Ruffing’s page.

Slugterra and mint green fleece Hug Me Slug with peach blossom, original stuffed animal art toy by Elizabeth Ruffing