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Daisy Chains by Max Bailey

Daisy Chains Bunny Rabbit Print by Max BaileyA simple spool of thread and some field daisies are all it takes to keep these two little girl bunnies occupied and very pleased with themselves. Their grandmother showed them how to line up the stems of the daisies and wind the thread around them, to make crowns, necklaces, bracelets, and even ankle bracelets.

The one sitting on the tree stump, who has done all the work, has a huge sense of pride and accomplishment in her creations. The other knows, even without a mirror, that she has become far more beautiful than she was before.

Daisy Chains Bunny Rabbit Print by Max Bailey“Daisy Chains” is an original watercolor painting. I am making a limited number of reproductions of this image as a signed giclée print as well, which may be ordered by emailing us at [email protected]