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Happy birthday to me!

Today is very nice so far! Look at my beautiful birthday bike! My dad somehow managed to stow it away in the trunk of his car, and my parents sneaked it into the living room without my even hearing them. I was on my way down the hall and caught sight of some handlebars with ribbons all over them, and was so surprised! They were so pleased to have surprised me. They have been trying for years.

I took a ride which was really fun. I picked up a cute little dog who was beside himself with joy at the sight of me on a bike. He just kept running in circles and jumping up and down. I walked him back to his house later, which pleased him to no end as well.

I was treated to pizza last night, and tonight there will be Chinese food and cake. I was sung “Happy Birthday” at one minute past midnight, over the phone, last night, and I’ve received lots of nice birthday messages over the Internet too. Thanks to everyone for the good cheer 🙂

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Pre-birthday syndrome

My mom and I went out today. My birthday is in less than a few days, and I tried to find something I would like as a gift. I’m being such a big baby this time around. Every year I resolve to take my birthday well, but this year I must have the birthday equivalent of PMS…PBS? It’s so embarrassing, and definitely not my norm. Everything reduces me to having a sob fest. Boo-hooing while at the mall, while walking down the street, while reading my email. I’m hoping that I will become philosophical about it within a few days, or that this will just pass. I can remember, back in high school, my French teacher turning red, wiping away her tears, and trying not to cry in front of us over her birthday. I felt bad for her but I didn’t really understand back then. It didn’t seem like a big deal at the time.

So, I wasn’t a good shopper today, but I did get a new book on crocheting, the crochet version of the knitting book I just got and liked, 200 Crochet Tips, Techniques, and Trade Secrets by Jan Eaton. Unfortunately, I also tried to get a “rain” check for a date I had tonight, earlier, by email, because I felt too awkward for a phone call and wasn’t sure of the details, but he called later from the coffee shop where he thought we were meeting, having never gotten my message. I’m glad he didn’t sound angry, and I’m glad I didn’t cry! Hopefully, tomorrow I will enter a cry-free zone and things will be normal again. I don’t want to become like Holly Hunter’s character in Raising Arizona. It’s too ridiculous.

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A gaggle of slugs

I’m on a finish-what-I-started mission, at least when I can fit it in. The way I jump from one project to the next, that could take years to accomplish, but I’m trying to make more of a focused effort. These little slugs have been waiting for their embroidered parts for a long time.

This group is made of baby blue polar fleece, which is soft and cuddly. Their fuzzy hearts are each different shades of pink and red.

I gave them all French names. Why? I don’t know. Does it give them an air of sophistication?

I almost named them after The Brady Bunch after arranging them in these composite photos, but then I couldn’t think of enough Brady Bunch names. I didn’t really relate to that show as a kid, but then I was an only child. They seemed pretty strange to me.

I positioned their pupils so that they would be looking this way and that. I find the upward-glancing ones particularly amusing. They are either rolling their eyes, or praying for assistance. I’m not sure which. Both maybe.

The others seem very curious about everything. This group is a pear green color. They are also French.

I modified their hang tags to say they may be spot cleaned with cool water. Poly fleece seems to do better with cool water. They can be set to air dry if necessary. I prewashed and air dried the fleece I used to make them. They should not go in the dryer! Yikes! They would be scared, but that is also bad for fleece. It melts with heat.

I am listing my available soft dolls and art toys here on our Ruffing’s site. I’ll be listing fleece “Hug Me! Slugs” in my Etsy shop as well, with some options for naming your own slug too.

We are still putting together our first original folk art cat doll collaboration too. I don’t want to give away any surprises though. Time to go catch up on some more stuff…