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Sneak peek at “Luna the Pixie Kitten”

I’m in the middle of editing photos of “Luna the Pixie Kitten” by Max Bailey and myself. I had to share my favorite shot. I was crouching next to our Shoal Creek Chaste Tree, which the bees love, hoping one would cooperate, and one did. Once I have the rest of the photos color-adjusted, I’ll get Luna’s web page up over here.

I asked my mom to take a shot of me too. She told me I looked tired, but I said go ahead anyway. I got my flu shot recently, and since then I’ve been feeling a little under the weather. I’m not sure if I just happened to start coming down with the flu at about the same time, or if I’m just experiencing some side effects. Hopefully it won’t turn into anything.

I picked up some new fleece colors and am in the process of pre-washing them right now. I pre-wash most fabrics, if not all. You never know what might run or shrink, and it’s good to get that out of the way first. I’m always suspicious of reds, and even though polyester fleece doesn’t usually run, this one did. I got the extra dye out so it won’t be a problem later, if anything needs to be washed in cold water in the future. I’m going to make some fleece “Hug Me! Slugs” out of these.

I also picked up a dry-erase board, at Staples, so I could keep track of things I need to do. My current system of little pieces of paper, strewn across my desk, doesn’t seem so reliable, although it’s worked so far. The first thing I need to write on the board is, “Hang up the board.” My mom said no, it’s, “Take the wrapper off the board,” which, I guess, I’d have to write on the wrapper. I’ll get right on that after I write it down on one of my little pieces of paper.

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