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Baby Brown Thrasher

Baby brown thrasher, first day out of the nestI went out the back door this morning, and was about to walk down the steps, when I realized someone was watching me. Just in front of the last step, a baby bird was looking right up at me. I, of course, went back in the house and grabbed my camera. He (she?) stayed where he was, and when I came back, he was still just watching me. I think he was wondering if I had any more of an idea of what he was supposed to be doing than he did.

Baby brown thrasher, first day out of the nestHe is, judging from his mama, who has been watching him from a nearby tree, a baby Brown Thrasher. They’ve had a nest in one of the bushes next to the house. The bushes around our house seem to be a popular nesting place this year.

Baby brown thrasher, first day out of the nestA friend of mine asked me how I’m getting so close to baby birds as to photograph them like this, without their parents getting upset. I have no idea. I am either nonthreatening or too terrifying to argue with? I suspect they are just used to us, and were before they built their nests next to ours.

It’s funny because, just before this, a rabbit was watching me watering with the hose. I’m starting to feel like Snow White or Cinderella.

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Out of the nest

Baby cardinals leave their nestI knew today would be their big day when I saw them all standing on the edge of their nest before bedtime last night.

Baby cardinals leave their nestI got up very early to make sure no kitties were napping on the porch. At first, I thought I was wrong about flight day, because all the babies were still half asleep in their nest.

Baby cardinals leave their nestBut, once breakfast began, they sprang right out.

Baby cardinals leave their nestExcept for one. One wanted to stay.

Baby cardinals leave their nestI watched this one take his (her?) first flight. She sat peeping on the branch for a long time,

Baby cardinals leave their nestthinking it over,

Baby cardinals leave their nestthinking it looked like a long way down,

Baby cardinals leave their nestand then going for it!

Baby cardinals leave their nestShe made it!

Baby cardinals leave their nestSo proud of herself. Or himself.

Their little crests on their heads weren’t visible until they were about to fly. I don’t know if it was fear, or excitement, or even bravado that made their crests arch up, but just before leaping, up they came, like the full-grown cardinals, a sign of growing up.

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Newly-hatched cardinals and a mini shop update

Cardinal fledglings in nestThere were a lot of cheep-cheep-cheep noises coming out of  the the bushes next to the porch last night. We kept seeing a male and female cardinal, hopping along the railing, and flying in and out of one of the bushes. I followed the noise and found four baby cardinals, with their eyes still closed, in a nest, waiting for their mom and dad to bring them some dinner.

Cardinal fledglings in nestIt doesn’t seem like the best place for a nest, but birds make some odd choices sometimes. We’ve watched birds building nests in the hanging plants before too. I tried to give these cardinals some extra privacy by attaching a board to the porch railing, to block the view, at least from the porch. I took these photos first.

Cardinal fledglings in nestAs you can see, when their mama arrives, all their mouths open at once. You can see her tail feathers through the branches. I tried to get a picture of her feeding them, but the light was fading and she wasn’t still for more than a second at a time. Their dad has been just as busy feeding them.

I hope they’ll be safe in there.

Bright light yellow-green Hug Me SlugsI just put some “Hug Me! Slugs” up in my Etsy shop and updated our Soft Dolls and Art Toys page, for a quick overview of what’s available. As I mentioned, I’m switching out the custom-order listings with ready-made dolls and creatures. I’ll continue doing that so I can get caught up on everything around here.

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I just got my slugs and toads up on Etsy. I think I am up-to-date now on my available soft dolls and toys, for the moment. I am so tired! We’ve been taking advantage of the nice weather here to do some yard work, and a little home repair, using lots of muscles we aren’t used to using.

We had some cold weather just before this string of really lovely days, and so we aren’t taking them for granted. I thought I’d better take some photos of our chrysanthemums before the chill comes back. I had wanted to photograph our Pixie Kittens with them, but I’ve been so swamped, I haven’t finished their tutus yet.

I still have to draw a toad for my “Hug Me! Toad” hang tags. I’m going to try to do that this weekend, but I’d also like to take some time to just hang out and read. I’ve been very slowly journeying through The World According to Garp by John Irving, not for lack of interest at all, only for lack of time.

This toad looks much wiser than mine, but then, mine are probably just pretending to be innocent and naive so I won’t catch them getting into trouble.

Happy Friday, everyone! Enjoy your weekends!