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More progress on my fairy original art dolls

I’ve made some more progress on my flower baby fairies, and my Spring fairy, who may turn into a Summer fairy as time goes by. I made her a skirt today, and tried Wonder-Under for the first time to fuse fabric layers together before I cut out individual petal shapes for the skirt.

I’m going to paint the “petals” of the skirt so they will compliment the pastel green of the fabric petals around her head. I also permanently attached her wings so her stand can be inserted in the opening between her wings and her body. This way I no longer have to tape her to a stand, which will allow me to paint her. She needs a little more paperclay as well.

The painting on the babies is already under way. I will add a lighter layer of color over their onesies to give more detail. I will have to plan butterfly wings for all three. I’ve already hand quilted the wings on each one.

I have also been experimenting with mini plaques. I have mounted reproductions of my original watercolor paintings on hand painted 6 by 6 by 3/4 inch solid poplar wood. I wanted little companion pieces of art to offer with my fairy dolls and I wanted to make them so none would need a frame. These will have hangers on the back. I think all the pastel colors will look lovely together.

Making these up reminded me that I have unfinished paintings that would look great in this format. I am fishing out my reference drawings and hoping to get those projects organized. It amazes me where I find things! I often have no idea what is in those piles on my desks and tables! Lots of good ideas just waiting for me to find the time.

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