Fleece Bunnies

Lavender fleece Hug Me Bunny Rabbit by Elizabeth Ruffing, with lavender ageratumSomeone asked yesterday if I had fleece Hug Me Bunnies in more colors. Yes, I do! I have so many colors of everything, and so many art toys in all stages of being, or almost-being. I am also currently making custom toys. I am hoping to have more of a selection of ready-made toys before the holidays are upon us.

Soft yellow fleece Hug Me Bunny Rabbit by Elizabeth Ruffing, with lavender ageratumI added this lavender bunny rabbit, and this soft yellow one to my Etsy toy shop this afternoon, and I am working on some more. I’ve been asked about more Hug Me Toads too, and I hope to have some ready soon, along with more Alley Cat Angels. Toy-making is a slow process for me, because I do a lot of my stitching by hand, with embroidery floss and a needle. I think that makes my art toys look special and handmade, which I appeals to me.

Lavender and soft yellow fleece Hug Me Bunny Rabbits by Elizabeth RuffingI found I was being watched by real animals yesterday, while photographing stuffed animals. This rabbit was watching me photograph a fleece kitten.

Wild rabbit in the grassSantana the Peeping Tom Cat was watching me too, far from the rabbit though. He is more interested in spying on us, apparently.

Santana the Peeping Tom Cat in the grass

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