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Holiday poll

I was wishing out loud today, that I had more of an idea of what people might like to see from us for the holidays. I have a few weeks ahead where I will be busy, but I’m never quite sure where exactly to best direct my attention.

Pixie Kittens, Original One-of-a-kind Cat Fairy Art Dolls by Max Bailey and Elizabeth RuffingPixie Kittens

Of course, most of my attention will go toward projects I am already working on, but I always find myself short on something someone wishes he or she could have when the holidays come near. A friend suggested I try a poll, and so I am leaving one at the end of this post.

Hug Me! Slugs, Original Art Toys by Elizabeth RuffingHug Me! Slugs

If you are considering doing some holiday shopping with us, please take a moment to let me know where your interests may be. I will try to have some of everything, but I never can predict. Of course, if you are here just to read and look at what I’m up to, that is great too. This is just to give me an idea of what I might want to have more of by holiday time.

Hug Me! Sock Kittens, Original Art Toys by Elizabeth RuffingHug Me! Sock Kittens

I am bound to throw in some things not on the list too, if I have the time. Last year I got in a crunch where I was barely leaving the house for a couple of weeks. So, I’d like to try to be a little more prepared, if I can.

Hug Me! Toads, Original Art Toys by Elizabeth RuffingHug Me! Toads

If there is something else you’ve been hoping to see more of, please feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email. I received a very nice email today asking if I’ll be coming out with more paintings, and the answer is yes, I will. I’ve got a bunch in various stages, although I’m not sure when I’ll have them ready to post. I tend to start so many projects that sometimes it takes me a while to circle back around and finish them.

Hug Me! Hippo, Original Art Toys by Elizabeth RuffingHug Me! Hippo

So, here it is…my first poll. Thanks for the input!

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Celeste starts the season

Celeste the Pixie Kitten, Original One-of-a-kind Tabby Cat Fairy Art Doll by Max Bailey and Elizabeth RuffingI just put up Celeste the Pixie Kitten’s web page, with lots of photos of her floating around amongst the yellow chrysanthemums. Please visit her and enjoy all the fall color. There is lots of yellow, Celeste’s favorite color.

Celeste the Pixie Kitten, Original One-of-a-kind Tabby Cat Fairy Art Doll by Max Bailey and Elizabeth RuffingI got up this morning, realizing it is now November, which means it is time to focus on getting everything going for the holiday season. This tends to be the start of our busiest time of year, and hopefully we will be busy again this year. It’s time to get organized, time to make new dolls and toys, time to take their pictures, and post their stories.

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Opal the Pixie Kitten

Opal the Pixie Kitten, Original One-of-a-kind Cat Art Doll by Max Bailey and Elizabeth RuffingOpal the Pixie Kitten’s web page is up. I just finished editing her photos, and you’ll find more of them there. We were lucky enough to find her floating around a bunch of lavender chrysanthemums, which set off her tutu quite well.

Opal the Pixie Kitten, Original One-of-a-kind Cat Art Doll by Max Bailey and Elizabeth RuffingHer tutu was made from four layers of tulle (more details on making the tutu can be found here), and her body was sewn from cotton fabrics. Her face was completely hand sculpted from paperclay, and then her whole body was hand painted. She’s a collaborative creation by Max Bailey and myself, and she’s a one-of-a-kind.

Opal the Pixie Kitten, Original One-of-a-kind Cat Art Doll by Max Bailey and Elizabeth RuffingPlease be sure to visit our Ruffing’s site to read Opal’s story and find out more about her, and please join our Ruffing’s Facebook page, if you haven’t already. I’m continuing to post our new work there.

We All Sew I’d like to extend a special welcome to readers from The very nice folks with Bernina wrote to say they’ll be featuring my blog there the week of October 1st to the 8th. What a nice compliment.

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Still organizing the past, hoping to catch up soon

Crybaby, Original One-of-a-kind Tabby Kitten Art Doll Figurine by Max BaileyI’ve been very busy trying to get our Ruffing’s site organized for a relaunch. I still have a whole lot of work to do. I think it took me six months to build the site in the first place, and it’s grown since then. I’m going through and sprucing up what I can for now. Once I make the switch to using WordPress for the site, the navigation will be a bit “mixed” for a while, with some pages leading to older pages, until I can get all the links updated. I hope to start that transition in early September. Crybaby, above, by Max Bailey, is one of our already adopted dolls who got her photos spruced up and resized today.

Hug Me! Sock Kitten by Elizabeth Ruffing and a Kitty HelperI have some sock kittens I was working on, but I’ve put them aside for the past week or so to concentrate on the web site. I turned my back just for a minute, before taking this photo, and a very real-looking sock kitten showed up to snuggle with this pink-striped one. My kittens must be very convincing. I hope to get back to more sewing soon!

Apple Store One-to-one SessionI’ve also put my Apple One to One sessions on hold this week, so I can hurry my web site extravaganza along. The photo above was from my last class. I brought my camera along so they could give me some photography tips. I have homework! Needless to say, I haven’t had time to do it yet. Once I have a little more time to take some photos, I’ll explore my camera’s manual settings some more. That is something I never learned, and really need to.

CatI picked up Margaret Atwood’s Cat’s Eye at the library, weeks ago, hoping to get a chance to read more of it than I have. I was inspired to pick it up after taking one of those Facebook quizzes where I was told my writing style was more like hers than Stephen King’s, but only by a little.

Well, I admit I need a computer break right now. Have a great weekend!