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Transferring my owl

I transferred my owl onto Claybord today. I even filmed myself for the video I plan to make for the painting. It was hard to get myself to do that. It takes away the whole joy of not caring what you look like when you’re working at home. At least it was a short segment!

My bunny was today’s featured listing in the Prim and Whimsy Girls eBay group. I was so surprised this morning to to her furry face looking out at me when I signed in. Thanks, Becky!

I joined the group just recently. You can find members’ eBay listings by searching titles and descriptions on eBay for “PWGL“.

I also joined the Rags to Riches Dolls eBay group recently. You can find those members’ eBay listings by searching titles and descriptions on eBay for “R2RD“.

Here is a close-up of my bunny’s lace collar and trim. I made up some detail shots for my print ad. I’m trying it out on eBay this week, and it will continue to be available on Etsy. This print is available on our Ruffing’s site here. The lace is the part I scratched out of the Claybord with a dental pick and some of the Claybord tools. I’ll be trying this technique while making my owl’s feathers.
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Kitten, Bunny, Kitten

I have a mean headache today, but I managed to finish stuffing and assembling my bunny doll. So, now there are three dolls ready and I think I am about to start my sculpting “apprenticeship”:) Max has agreed to give me lessons, and has high hopes that I have the sculpting gene in me. I hope so. The first requirement was that I make my own doll patterns up and the second is that I don’t share any of Max’s sculpting secrets. I guess that means the next time you see these dolls, they will have sculpted faces. That, or they will have clothes, depending on which I take on first.

To answer Annie Oakleaves question in my comments section about which dollmaking book I would recommend to start with, it depends on what you are most interested in learning, but my personal favorite so far is Antonette Cely’s book, Cloth Dollmaking. Her instructions are great and she starts with a very simple doll. Then, in the following chapters, she explains how to make increasingly difficult dolls. There is a doll pattern for each section of the book, and so you really get hands-on experience of what she is teaching. I love Antonnette Cely’s book because you can keep progressing right up to her very advanced designs, and it’s loaded with clever, helpful tips.

P.S. Don’t my dolls look like they are at the drive-in or something in that second photo? 🙂
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“Huggy Kitty” New Original Cat Doll by Elizabeth Ruffing

Huggy Bunny” has a new friend, “Huggy Kitty”.

Huggy Kitty has a lavender onesie with burnt orange and white flowers, yellow polka dot buttons, and a red polka dot heart.

She has gold “fur” and a curly tail. She is made from 100% cotton quilting fabrics that have been fused to a layer of cotton sheeting for added durability.

Her eyes and mouth are hand embroidered, and the edges of her onesie, her tail, her nose, and the pink parts of her ears are machine appliquéd.

Huggy Kitty has no loose parts, and she is stuffed with Poly-fil polyester stuffing.

To see my available original, one-of-a-kind soft dolls and toys please click here.

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Bunny Treasury on Etsy, "Hop in! Bunnies Helping Bunnies"

Special thanks to Michele from Etsy for Animals for adding Max Bailey’s and A E Ruffing’s prints to her “Hop in! Bunnies Helping Bunnies 2” treasury list on Etsy! Many of the the Etsy for Animals members are helping out the Buckeye House Rabbit Society this month with donations based on their sales from their Etsy shops.

Our prints that are featured above are “Hiding”, a little cottontail rabbit with Black-eyed Susans, by A E Ruffing,

and “Proud Mom”, a Victorian mama bunny with a carriage-full of baby bunnies by Max Bailey. Both are available in our Etsy shop. 10% of sales (less shipping) of prints purchased from our Etsy shop will be donated to animal charities.

Michele also added my “Yorkie Puppy” to her “Baby Animals Say Happy New Year!” treasury list on Etsy, which features items for sale from Etsy for Animals members. This print is also available in our Etsy shop.